Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Personalized Frame

What you will need:
1.     4x6 rectangular frame, follow this link
2.   4” 3-letter monogram
3.   white craft paint
4.  turquoise spray paint
5.   sand paper
6.   E6000

 Step 1:
Spray paint the monogram turquoise.  Spray paint is easiest because it can get inside all of the nooks in the monogram. 

 Step 2:
Paint the top of the frame white with craft paint, I left the sides unpainted because I liked the way it looked.

 Step 3:
Mix some watered down brown paint with white paint and brush in a vertical pattern over the frame. 

 Step 4:
Next, sand the edges of the frame.

 Step 5:
Use E6000 to attach the monogram to the frame.

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