Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1st Birthday Cupcake Door Hanger!!

  What you will need:
1.     24” cupcake
2.  6" number
3.   8” circle
4.  light blue, turquoise, and hot pink spray paint
5.   assorted craft paint
6.   wood glue and hot glue

 Step 1:
Spray paint the cupcake light blue.

  Step 2:
Next, use a shade darker and paint ridges.

Step 3:
Use an angled brush to paint different colored swirls on the top of the cupcake.

  Step 4:
Highlight the swirls with colors that are nearby them.

  Step 5:
Paint the circle pink.

  Step 6:
Paint the number turquoise. 

                                                                           Step 7:
Attach the circle the the bottom part of the cupcake and the number to the circle use wood glue and hot glue. Hot glue acts as a temporary hold until the wood glue dries, the wood glue will create an almost permanent bond.  Its very durable.  I highly recommend elmers wood glue. 

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