Friday, April 11, 2014

Ice Cream door hanger

Ice Cream Door Hanger
What you will need:
1. Unfinished Ice cream cone, from
2. tan and cream spray paint
3. brown, blue, and pink craft paint
4.  large paintbrush 

Step 1:
Use spray paint to paint the ice cream cone. Paint the top then the bottom. 

Step 2:
Mix water and brown paint together then paint it onto the ice-cream. 

Step 3:
Wipe the watered down paint off with  a paper towel horizontally. 

Step 4:
Next, with a small paintbrush paint "Sweet Summertime" in your own hand-writing. If you don't like your hand-writing you can google a font and look at it as you paint it.  Google "sweet summertime" and click image search.  This helps me a lot!

Step 5:
Next paint brown criss cross lines on the cone.

Step 6:
Next, staple burlap ribbon onto the back for hanging. 

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