Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Angel Wings Wrapped in Christmas Lights

What you'll need:
 Angel Wings
 (follow above link to order)
Christmas lights
Paint, I chose gold

Paint your wings whatever color you choose and wrap them in lights.  You could also choose white and use a bristle brush to lightly distress them with some brown paint and wrap them in white lights. It helps to secure the lights with small pieces of duck tape on the back of the wings that are unseen. 

Brought to you By 
Scarlett Brent 
Build-A-Cross Create Team Member

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monogram Tree Topper

 What you'll need:

1. Your monogram letter, link here Build-A-Cross.com 
 2. spray paint 
3. burlap ribbon

Spray paint your letter, allow an hour to dry. 
Tie the burlap ribbon on the top two ends.
AND your finished!!! 
Super easy and super cute!

Brought to you By 
Scarlett Brent 
Build-A-Cross Create Team Member

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Name Ornament

Burlap  Name  Ornament


What You will Need:
1. Your choice of paint, I chose red because it matched the colors of my tree.  
2. Burlap garland.  (Garland is thicker than your standard burlap ribbon 
      and will be helpful when layering additional ribbon.) 
3. Sparkly Christmas Ribbon
4. Hot glue gun
5. Staple Gun 
6. Letters, link here Build-A-Cross.com
7. cross, link here Build-A-Cross.com

Run a thin line of hot glue on the burlap to attach the ribbon. 

The next step is to paint the letters and cross.  You can use spray paint or regular craft paint.  I used spray paint because it dries very quickly. 

This step is optional, I just wanted to add something extra! 
( If you want to leave your letters plain then you can)
Use a bristle brush and black paint to lightly distress your letters and cross.

After your letters have dried, put a small amount 
of hot glue on the back of each letter and attach them to the ribbon.
 *This is only to keep the letters centered, not to attach permanently!

Next staple the letters, through the back, to the burlap.... 
And you are ready to hang your ornament on the tree!


Merry Christmas!

Brought to you By 
Scarlett Brent 
Build-A-Cross Create Team Member