Thursday, April 17, 2014

3-Letter Framed Monogram

What you will need:
1.    Framed charlie monogram (last initial), follow this link charlie monogram !
2.   2 4”vine font letter (first and middle initial)
3.    white spray paint
4.   black craft paint
5.    bristle brush
6.   wood glue

Step 1:
Paint the monograms white. 

                                              Step 2:
Put a small amount of wood glue on the back of the small monograms. Then place the monograms on top of the framed monogram to dry, depending on your letters you may need to slide something underneath the small letters to support them while they dry. 

Step 3:
Using a bristle brush, dab the end of the brush in black paint then brush most of it off so that there isn't too much left on the brush.  Next, in a vertical direction streak the word.  

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