Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Tree Decoration

This is the unfinished MDF Christmas tree. You can special request this particular cut or visit our website for another range of options. You can view our website by clicking this link

The supplies needed to re-create this Christmas tree are 3 colors of green, black, red, and white paint.  You will also need a large brush to paint the majority of the tree with.  Along with a slanted brush for polka dots (this ensures that they are circles and not ovals when you spin your brush). You will need a smaller brush for the decorative garland on the tree, and also a very small brush for the writing.

I suggest you spray paint the whole tree green as a primer, this step is optional.  The next step is to paint your lightest green color on the top layer of your tree.  This may take 2 coats, depending on how thick you apply it. 

The next step is to take to next to lightest green color and paint the middle part of your tree.  (You usually don't even have to wash out your brushes between the three layers)

The next step is to take your darkest green and paint the last layer.

For the next step your will want to use the same brush you used to paint on the green and paint the white and black stripes on the bottom.  You will want to start by painting the bottom solid white, this will help to ensure that the black and white wont mix and smear.  After the white paint dries, you can then paint on your black stripes.  Next you can paint on the garland using red paint, also adding white dots in the middle to add detail, and the green paint used to paint the top of the tree. 

In this step you will take your angle brush and white paint and spin it to create the polka dots.  You can decide how many or little you want.

The next step is to begin painting on the lettering.  If you are nervous about this you can find a font on the internet you like and print it out and look at it while you are painting.  One of my favorites is, font
This project is brought to by Build-A-Cross creator, Scarlett Brent

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Ornament

For this project you will need:
                                                   1. red paint/ spray paint 
                                                   2. black paint
                                                   3. silver metallic paint
                                                   4. a very fine paint brush (for painting, a little goes a long way)
                                                   5. a thicker brush

For this step all you need to do is paint the ornament red, or whatever color you want. 

Next, paint the top of your ornament the silver metallic with the thicker paint brush.  This may take a few coats, depending on how thick you paint it.  

After this you can begin to paint the letters on.  This can be difficult, but I find it helps me when I print out a word and copy it.  One of my favorite fonts is font.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Snowman

This MDF snowman can be purchased on our website by clicking this link,, for $12. 

The supplies you will need for this are:
                                                   1. White paint
                                                   2. red paint
                                                   3. orange paint 
                                                   4. black paint
                                                   5. large, med., and a fine paint brush

1st paint the snowman white.  I used spray paint because it drys very quickly and with most colors it only takes one coat.  You can also use any craft paint, that you can purchase at your local Wal-Mart, Michael's, Hobby-Lobby, etc.

The 2nd step is to paint his hat, all this takes is black paint and a thick brush (after this dries you can add the red strip).

Then paint on his scarf, which is simple, the cutout if the snowman guides you to where his scarf should go, then paint two vertical strips on the left side as an extension of the scarf.  You really can't mess this up. If you feel like you have, just keep going and the finished product always turns out cute!

 Also apply the snow mans eyes in a very thick coat of white paint with an angle brush in swirl motion. If you would like to do something different with the eyes you can purchase wiggle eyes from a craft store or click this link wiggle eyes.  If you do this, you would skip the next step, if not, carry on!

The next step is to add black paint in the corner of the eye, the trace around the eye.  Make sure the white paint is dry first.  

For this step you will need an angle brush.  Take your angle brush and orange paint and slant it and make about 4 or 5 half circles to form the carrot nose.  You can outline this in black if you would like, but that is optional.

For this step you will want a polka dot brush or an angle brush, the polka dot brush is self-explanatory. As for the angle brush you will want to sit your brush on the desired spot and spin it, not hard, but still the polka dot brush is my pick because your circles will be more precise.  

After this is completes you can begin your lettering, from "Happy Holidays", Merry Christmas", Happy New Years" to whatever you would like on it.  I suggest finding a font you like on the internet then printing it out, so you can look at it then copy it.  One of my favorite is.. Merry Christmas Font

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two-Toned Sanded Monogram Letter

You can purchase your MDF monogram initial by clicking this link, Unfinished Monogram

For this project you will need:
     spray paint
              2. color spray paint (your choice)
              3. sand paper

The 1st step is to spray paint your letter black, I used spray paint for convenience, but you can also hand paint. 

The next step is to spray paint the second coat, this can be done with whatever color you want.  I chose a robin egg blue and you can see I avoided painting it on the sides (it won't matter if you do).  If you stand directly over it while your painting it the sides wont be painted as much.

The next step is sanding. Start out sanding lightly, but you want to get parts of it all the way back to the wood.  You want to do this slowly though, so you don't take off too much paint.  Focus the more sanded parts on the thicker parts of your letter and once you've done that you can scratch your sand paper in different directions to get your desired look.



This project was brought to you by Build-A-Cross Create Team Member, Scarlett Brent!