Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flamingo Door Hanger

What you will need:
1. 24" flamingo
2. pink spray paint
3. black, hot pink, white, and yellow craft paint
4. small and med. paintbrush
5. burlap ribbon, accent ribbon

Step 1:
Spray the flamingo pink. 

Step 2:
Mix the hot pink paint with water then paint the mixture onto the flamingo.  Afterwards use a paper towel and wipe off excess water in a circular pattern. 

Step 3:
Paint the beak yellow. 

Step 4:
Next, highlight the flamingo with white. 

Step 5:
Paint the white part of the eye first, then the black part then accent with white.

Step 6:
Paint a smile on the flamingos beak. 

Step 7:
Tie burlap and ribbon around then flamingo and you can use that to hang him by.