Friday, October 26, 2012

New Products: Monograms!

We have new monograms for every occasion!!

Baby showers, weddings, kids' rooms, or just to add to your front door!


All monograms come unfinished in 3 sizes and are listed in our Etsy shop!
18" - $ 29.95
24" - $ 39.95
36" - $ 49.95

18" painted white

Don't forget! Christmas is on its way, and we have letters for all your decorating needs....

Only a few days left until Canton!! We're getting ready. Will you be there???

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Products....just in time for the Holidays!!

We were busy last month in Canton....And we're already gearing up for the next one.

We've added some new unfinished shapes to our product line! We have owls, birds, puzzle pieces, pumpkins, stockings, snowmen, christmas trees, and ornaments.

We also have 'NOEL' letters and picture frames....available either finished or unfinished!

Don't forget to check out our products on EtsyEbay, and on our website.  

4" unfinished shapes (available in larger sizes)

Unfinished pumpkins

'NOEL' letters perfect to go on a mantle

We've got more picture frames!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Product: Picture Frames!

After many requests from our customers in Canton, we now have picture frames for sale!!!

We also just opened a new shop in Etsy especially for our unfinished frames and finished scripture crosses. Take a look at it here!

Currently, we have 5 X 7 frames, but we will have smaller and larger sizes soon! 

Each frame includes glass and cardboard backing to protect your photos.

Go to our Etsy shop to check out all the new frames we have!

Only 1 more week until Canton. See y'all there!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project 101: Distressed Fleur de Lis

Jessica, the wonderwoman in the office, is brilliant at distressing anything! She is the master at making our products look 'old'. She took a few pictures of how she paints and distresses our fleur de lis...which by the way, she uses the same technique on anything else we cut...words, crosses, letters, initials, or practically anything made of wood. She probably could make a tree look really cool.

STEP 1: Materials needed

1. 24" unfinished fleur de lis
2. 3M spray adhesive
3. spray paint - We used Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Eden
4. craft paint - We used Apple Barrel acrylic paint in Chocolate Bar
5. embellishments - Iron fleur de lis and paper scripture dipped in coffee with edges burned with torch
6. glue - We used E-6000 from Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot

STEP 2: Spray paint entire fleur de lis with green paint (front and edges).

STEP 3: Apply a dry brush stroke with craft paint.

STEP 4: Spray back of scripture paper with adhesive spray and apply to fleur de lis.

STEP 5: Attach iron fleur de lis with wood glue and a small screw.

Let dry and you're done!! How does yours look??

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who has more letters than the Post Office?

We do!

It's Canton weekend, and we're selling lots of unfinished letters this month! We're also busy putting them online if you can't make it out to see us or you need more during the month. You can find us on our website, Ebay, and Etsy! Look for the links at the end of this post.

Here's some pics of what we've got. We have the whole alphabet plus special symbols such as ', @, &, etc. We even have numbers!

6" unfinished letters

12" unfinished letters

24" unfinished letters

All sizes of unfinished letters

Fonts shown are Rockwell and Saddlebag. Each size can be cut in any of our 5 fonts, and we can also custom cut your own font.

What are you doing with your unfinished letters?   Have a good week!

ways to order:

Phone orders
Visit our shop in Canton!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Handmade Pretties

Jessica {aka Jes} and Michelle took some pics of all their decor made from Build-A-Cross unfinished products. We hope these will inspire you to make your own DIY projects! All the letters and crosses can be purchased from our shop online and in Canton. And if you're looking for that perfect pallet or strip of barn wood, I'm sure we could do some hunting around our shop :)

Coat hanger made with metal crosses, rough wood, & old rake found at our local junk yard
{Metal crosses: $ 6 - $ 8}

24" Fleur de Lis
{Finished with metal: $ 45}
{Unfinished: $ 12}

24" 'Family' sign
{Finished: $ 40}
{Unfinished: $ 10}

'Love' sign
{Unfinished: $ 8}

24" 'Blessings' sign
{Unfinished: $ 12}

6" letters & 4" numbers (Rockwell font)
{Unfinished: 6" letters - $ 3 each}
{Unfinished: 4" numbers - $ 2 each}
{Custom sign embellished with buttons & barn wood: $ 35}

24" letters & picture frames
{Unfinished 24" letters: $ 12 & small crosses: $ .50 each}
{Unfinished picture frames: $ 2 each}
Picture frames embellished with twine & paper {$ .79 per sheet}

We also take custom orders on any of our unfinished products. We can embellish anything with buttons, twine, burlap, or just about anything creative we can find! Just e-mail or call us for a quote!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Build-A-Cross is more than a shop, it is a ministry! We are blessed to be in the heart of God's will and having such a great time at it!

Our shop is located in Canton, Texas. We are set up every First Monday Trade Day Weekend. We love the opportunity each month to meet new people and reconnect with our past customers. We have been very blessed to expand our ministry by selling our products online. All of our crosses are handmade by men of Freedom Challenge, a faith-based solution to the drug and alcohol epidemic. The crosses are made and sold to provide for the needs of the men as they surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. It is by the blood of Jesus that our past can be washed away.

Our crosses are made out of Bastrop, Louisiana, where men work in between daily bible classes. Freedom Challenge's mission is to teach our students how to live a godly life while surrendering life controlling addictions. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions about our products or ministry.


God Bless,

Jacob Broadway

Build A Cross Store

(318) 789-2108