Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mothers Day Gift

  What you will need:
1.     24” heart
2.   White spray paint
3.   Assorted craft paint
4.  Assorted brushes
5.   Clear spray paint

Step 1:
Spray paint the heart white. 

 Step 2:
Write a message to your mom using black paint and a paint brush.  If you don't want to completely freehand it, you can look up a font on google and look at it as you paint. It helps me!
 Step 3:
Next, put your hand print on the heart and sign it. Then get all your sisters and brothers to do the same, if they have children you can even get them to do theirs. 

 Step 4:
Use a can of clear coat to put a protective finish on the heart.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Personalized Frame

What you will need:
1.     4x6 rectangular frame, follow this link
2.   4” 3-letter monogram
3.   white craft paint
4.  turquoise spray paint
5.   sand paper
6.   E6000

 Step 1:
Spray paint the monogram turquoise.  Spray paint is easiest because it can get inside all of the nooks in the monogram. 

 Step 2:
Paint the top of the frame white with craft paint, I left the sides unpainted because I liked the way it looked.

 Step 3:
Mix some watered down brown paint with white paint and brush in a vertical pattern over the frame. 

 Step 4:
Next, sand the edges of the frame.

 Step 5:
Use E6000 to attach the monogram to the frame.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

3-Letter Framed Monogram

What you will need:
1.    Framed charlie monogram (last initial), follow this link charlie monogram !
2.   2 4”vine font letter (first and middle initial)
3.    white spray paint
4.   black craft paint
5.    bristle brush
6.   wood glue

Step 1:
Paint the monograms white. 

                                              Step 2:
Put a small amount of wood glue on the back of the small monograms. Then place the monograms on top of the framed monogram to dry, depending on your letters you may need to slide something underneath the small letters to support them while they dry. 

Step 3:
Using a bristle brush, dab the end of the brush in black paint then brush most of it off so that there isn't too much left on the brush.  Next, in a vertical direction streak the word.  

American Flag Style Texas with House Numbers

 What you will need:
1.     24” Texas, follow the link states !
2.   Your house numbers, follow the link numbers !
3.   White spray paint
4.  Blue, red, black and brown craft paint
5.   Bristle brush
6.   Wood glue
7.    Small and large paint brush

 Step 1:
Spray paint the Texas and the house numbers white. 

 Step 2:
I didn't have the color blue I wanted so I used a mixture of turquoise and purple, you can use whatever you want.  Paint a blue rectangle for the part where the stars will go.  

 Step 3:
Mix a small amount of black with your red paint to make the red look more rustic. Then, free-hand the stripes.  I like the way it look when it is free-handed, it looks more rustic. 

                                                                           Step 4: 
                                     Use white paint to paint stars on the blue of the Texas. 

                                                                         Step 5:

Mix brown and black paint to create a dark brown then dip then end of the bristle brush in the paint.  Rub the brush on a paper towel or the paint and get most of the paint off of the brush.  Then brush the project in a horizontal direction.  

  Step 6:
Use wood glue and hot glue to attach the house numbers to the Texas.  Hot glue acts as a temporary hold until the wood glue drys, the wood glue will create an almost permanent bond.  Its very durable.  I highly recommend elmers wood glue.