Thursday, April 17, 2014

American Flag Style Texas with House Numbers

 What you will need:
1.     24” Texas, follow the link states !
2.   Your house numbers, follow the link numbers !
3.   White spray paint
4.  Blue, red, black and brown craft paint
5.   Bristle brush
6.   Wood glue
7.    Small and large paint brush

 Step 1:
Spray paint the Texas and the house numbers white. 

 Step 2:
I didn't have the color blue I wanted so I used a mixture of turquoise and purple, you can use whatever you want.  Paint a blue rectangle for the part where the stars will go.  

 Step 3:
Mix a small amount of black with your red paint to make the red look more rustic. Then, free-hand the stripes.  I like the way it look when it is free-handed, it looks more rustic. 

                                                                           Step 4: 
                                     Use white paint to paint stars on the blue of the Texas. 

                                                                         Step 5:

Mix brown and black paint to create a dark brown then dip then end of the bristle brush in the paint.  Rub the brush on a paper towel or the paint and get most of the paint off of the brush.  Then brush the project in a horizontal direction.  

  Step 6:
Use wood glue and hot glue to attach the house numbers to the Texas.  Hot glue acts as a temporary hold until the wood glue drys, the wood glue will create an almost permanent bond.  Its very durable.  I highly recommend elmers wood glue. 

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