Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mothers Day Gift

  What you will need:
1.     24” heart
2.   White spray paint
3.   Assorted craft paint
4.  Assorted brushes
5.   Clear spray paint

Step 1:
Spray paint the heart white. 

 Step 2:
Write a message to your mom using black paint and a paint brush.  If you don't want to completely freehand it, you can look up a font on google and look at it as you paint. It helps me!
 Step 3:
Next, put your hand print on the heart and sign it. Then get all your sisters and brothers to do the same, if they have children you can even get them to do theirs. 

 Step 4:
Use a can of clear coat to put a protective finish on the heart.  

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