Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Girl Cross

Baby Girl Cross

What You Will Need:
1. 1 large cross, and 1 small cross.  You can purchase at
2. Baby onesie cutout. You can purchase by clicking this link
3. I used black, pink, light pink, and orange craft paint (you can use whatever you like of course)
4. Small, med., lg. paintbrush
5. Black paint pen

                     Step 1:

                     Paint all three crosses.

 Step 2:

 Line the cross with swirls and black paint.

Step 3:
Accent the lines with light pink.

 Step 4:

Paint hot pink polka-dots onto the orange cross by twisting an angled paintbrush on the cross.

Step 5:
High light the polka dot with light pink.

Step 6:

Next, add a ruffle detail to the onesie and then write a name or “It’s a Girl!” with a sharpie paint pen.

Step 7:
Use E6000 and hot glue to attach all of the pieces together.

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