Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bunny Door Hanger

Bunny Door Hanger

What you will need:

1. Bunny (18"), which you can purchase at
2. Craft paint, your choice.  (I used turquoise, aqua, green,       pink and black for the writing) 
3. Thick paint brush, and thin paint brush for writing
4. Burlap (to hang the bunny on the door)
5. Staple gun (to staple burlap onto bunny)

Step 1:
Paint the bunny a solid color.

 Step 2:
I didn't allow the turquoise to dry before painting the chevron because I wanted the colors to sort of blend.  I chose a color just a few shades lighter for the chevron stripes, so if you used hot pink light pink would work well.  I really like the hand painted chevron rather than using a guide of a stencil with this bunny. The only key to this is to make sure the top of the triangle so to speak aligns with the one above it.   

 Step 3:
Next, I chose to accent the chevron stripes with a complimentary color, green.  You can decide where to highlight and where not to, it just adds something extra.

Step 4:   
Next, just paint pink where the inside of the bunny's ears would be.  Use my picture as a guide if you are unsure. 

 Step 5:
I chose to use my own hand-writing.  If you are unsure or if you don't like your hand-writing just google "Happy Easter font" and look at an image for your guide.  Surprisingly, this helps a lot!!

Step 6:
Last step! Choose a burlap, cut to size and staple it to the back of the bunny! 

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