Monday, March 24, 2014

Pineapple Door Hanger

Door Hanger

 What you will need:
                                                1. Pineapple, from
                                                2. 5" 3 letter monogram
                                                3. pink spray paint
                                                4. green, white, pink, and light pink craft paint
                                                5. lg. and small paint brush

 Step 1:
Paint the bottom of the pineapple pink.

  Step 2:
 Paint and orange oval in the center of the pineapple, may take several coats. 

  Step 3:

 Paint light pink criss cross lines.  

 Step 5:
Next paint the top of the pineapple lime green. 

 Step 6:
Next, add white to the lime green and paint lighter polka dots on the green leaves.  Paint the polka dots by twisting the brush in a circular motion.

 Step 7:
Highlight the pink lines with a lighter pink. 

 Step 8:
Staple a green burlap to the back for hanging. 

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