Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Announcement Door Hanger

Baby Boy Announcement Door Hanger

This is a great idea for something to hang on the door at the hospital when the baby is born! You could also attach it to a wreath.

What you will need:
1. Onesie cutout, from
2. Light blue spray paint 
3. Black craft paint
4. Your choice of burlap (I ended up choosing a thicker chevron burlap because it looks kind of like a collar and it ties in the colors.)
5. Paint pens, I just used black but you can use a variety of colors.  There are many to choose from at Wal-Mart!
6. Small paintbrush 
7. Staple gun

Step 1:
Spay paint the onesie blue. 

Step 2:
Make a polka dot in the center of the collar then from that point fan out on both sides to make the bow tie.  

Step 3:
This is super easy! It’s just like writing with a thin tipped marker! Just write the name of the baby, the date, the weight, and how long he was all in your own handwriting. 

Step 4: 
Fold the burlap in a ribbon style and staple the burlap on the back to the collar of the onesie.  Make sure also to staple near the edges so that it will hang right. 

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  1. An excellent idea for hanging on the bedroom door of a hospital birth. There is no Hanger factory telling you these things happen