Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Castle Jewelry Holder

Castle Jewelry Holder

What you will need:

1. Castle cutout, ( I used 18").  You can purchase this cutout      by clicking this link..
2. White spray paint, or craft paint.  Also pink, metallic silver,   and black craft paint.
3. Assorted paintbrushes

Step 1:
Spray paint or paint the castle, because it is white it will take two coats.

Step 2:
Paint the roof with the silver metallic paint.

 Step 3:
Next, paint the door. First paint the black part in a sort of half oval shape. Then paint a decorative detail above the black door with the pink paint.  It reminds me of stained glass. Next, with the silver metallic paint, paint a line bordering the door and stained glass to smooth all of the lines

Step 5:
Purchase a dowel rod at your local craft store and cut it down to size, then slip it in the circle hooks.

Step 4:
Drill two holes, where you will screw in circle hooks. You can spray paint these hooks any
   color that you want. 

Step 6:
Screw two hooks on either side of the door.  You can find a lot of cute hooks at hobby lobby, or any hook you have around the house can always be spray painted. Next, cover the screws with paint so they don't show. 

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