Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Personalized Bow Holder

Personalized Bow Holder

What you will need:
1. Plaque ( has many to choose from.) This link will take you straight to them....Plaques
2. Craft paint, black and brown
3. bristle brush and small paint brush for writing

Step 1:
Paint the plaque your choice of color, I used a baby pink. Then paint the child's name on the plaque. 

Step 2:
Next, line the outer part of the plaque with some swirls.  

 Step 3:
Next, use the bristle brush and mix black and brown paint, because black is too harsh.  Then, streak the plaque, make sure there is very little on your brush.  

 Step 4:
Staple your choice of burlap to the top of the plaque on the back, so it can hang on the wall.

  Step 3:
Next, staple 3-5 strips of ribbon or burlap on the back of the plaque on the bottom. 

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