Saturday, February 15, 2014

Curvy Chevron Distressed Letter

Curvy Chevron Distressed Letter 

What you will need: 
1. Letter painted completely white (or whatever you choose)
2. craft paint, I used red. Also, black for distressing.
3. slanted paintbrush (for chevron stripes), and a dry bristle brush (for distressing)

 Step 1: 

Use the slanted brush, with the longer end pointed up.  Make sure when creating the chevron stripes that you make the second half of the v in the center of the letter.

On some of the longer parts you can paint just one half of the v, to keep the flow of the technique.

Step 2:
Use the bristle brush and black paint to distress over the chevron.  Make sure the chevron is completely dry before starting.  Use the bristle brush with a small amount of black paint and paint in a vertical direction, press lightly. 

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