Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Girl Seahorse Cross

Little Girl Seahorse Cross

What you will need:
1. crosses which you can purchase
2. baby seahorse, you can purchase by following this link
3. a dark orange and hot pink spray paint
4. pink, white, and blue craft paint
5. a sponge brush and a thin paintbrush

Step 1:
Paint the smallest cross blue.

Then spray paint the largest cross pink.

Then spray paint the seahorse orange. 

Step 2:

I mixed the color blue that I used to paint the cross and white to make a light shade.  Then I free handed chevron stripes.  I like this because I like the imperfection of it. The only tip is to make sure the points align. 

Step 3:
 Next use a try bristle brush and black pant to lightly distress the pink cross and the seahorse.

Step 4:
 Next use E6000 and hot glue to attach the pieces to each other.  The hot glue acts as a temporary hold until the E6000 dries and creates a permanent hold. 

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