Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Time and Door Hangers!

With spring fast approaching, and the urge to do something a little different than what your neighbors are doing, our door hanger ideas might be just the thing you need. Here for the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our favorite door hangers that we have come across with our products and the links for you to Do-It-Yourself

In my opinion, Mason Jar would be my first pick. Nothing says southern springtime to me more than a cool breeze and a mason jar full of sweet tea. Here is a great picture of our 24'' Mason Jar. You can also check out our Build-A-Cross Facebook Page for different painting ideas!

My other choice for springtime door hangers would have to be our Flip Flop. This picture was  sent by one of our wholesalers' Jessica M. This is our 24'' Flip Flop and is easy to paint. She painted the whole flip flop pink, and then she laid a wooden pattern on top to create the pattern that you see here.
You can visit our Build-A-Cross Twitter Page for more ways to paint our flip flops!

I will update this weekly with different ideas, news around our shop,  and the current happenings with our ministry Freedom Challenge!  Have a great week, and you can email us at support@build-a-cross.com or call us at 318.281.9071


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