Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Customize Your Own Baseball Picture Frame!!

Good Morning! Now that Baseball season is here, we will show you how to decorate and personalize our Baseball Picture Frame. This would be a great craft project for any of you moms out there to showcase your son or daughters first baseball/softball game. Below are the items you will need to complete the art project and feel free to call us at 855.992.7677 or email us at support@build-a-cross.com is you have any questions!

FIY this picture frame DOES come with the BACK and GLASS!!!

 What you will need:
1. Ball/bat frame
2. white spray paint
3. black, red, and brown craft paint
4. small brush
5. Sharpie paint pen

 Step 1:
Spray paint the frame white. 

 Step 2:
Paint red baseball stripes onto the baseball. 

Step 3:
Write "Blank's 1st Game" or "Blank's 1st Home-run"

Step 4: 
Next paint the bats brown, you can add black if you want to add to some detail.

Step 5:
Next spray the frame with clear spray paint to give it a shine and protective finish. 

Have a great season and look out for future tips on how to customize  our wooden craft products!


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