Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Button Letter

Unfinished Wooden Letter in this project can be found at:

 Supplies You Will Need:
~12" Unfinished Wooden Letter
~Spray Paint
~Assortment of Buttons
~E-6000 Glue

 Paint You Letter...
Paint your letter by simply using a spray paint of your choice. I find that a vibrant color looks better than a black or white, but this is your project! Make it your own! *You can also use a craft paint and paint brush to paint your letter, this is totally up to you! After you have completed painting your unfinished wooden letter, allow it to dry for approx. 30 minutes before going to the next step.

 Add First Layer of Buttons...
Begin adding a single layer of button to your letter. Use a small bead of E-6000 glue on each button and then place it on letter. There will be areas that are left uncovered on this step. That is why a vibrant color choice is key!

Building Height and Dimension...
Now that you have covered your letter with the first layer of buttons. Go back and add Smaller buttons on top of larger ones to build height and dimension. Saved your special buttons for this step! That way they are displayed front and center!

 Adjusting and Curing...
E-6000 cures slowly which will allow you to more your buttons around to fill in gaps. Allow your letter to fully cure overnight!


When you wake up the next morning, your letter is ready to display!
Happy Crafting and God Bless You!

~This Project was Brought to you by
Jessica Sawyer
Build-A-Cross Crafter

The Unfinished Wooden Letter in this project can be found by following this link:
The rest of the supplies I used in this project were purchase at my local Wal-mart.

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