Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Distressed Picture Frame...

Supplies Needed... 
Unfinished Picture Frame
Craft Paint: Light color*
Black Craft Paint
Brown Craft Paint
Sponge Paint Brush
Bristle Paint Brush 

Prepping The Frame...
Remove glass and back from frame by bending back prongs and gently siding out. Set aside for later.

Painting the Frame...
Paint the front and edges of your picture frame using craft paint and sponge brush. This may take more than one coat depending on the paint color and desired coverage.

 Allow frame to dry completely before heading to the next step. Approx 1 hour.

Mixing Paint for Distressing...

On a paper plate pour a small bead of each, black and brown, craft paint. Lightly dip your bristle paint brush into the brown paint and remove most of the paint on the plate, then do the same with the black paint, mixing both paint to create a deep brown.


 Distressing The Frame...
Starting at the top edge of the frame gently brush down the frame. Repeat this step all the way across the frame. Always start at an edge, never in the middle of the frame. Next, start at the bottom edge and brush upward all the way across the frame. Add more paint to your brush as needed, just remember it does not take much!

Return Frame Backing...
Return the glass and back to your frame, along with your photo. Bend prongs down to secure backing.

Hang & Enjoy

~This Project was Brought to you by
Jessica Sawyer
Build-A-Cross Crafter

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