Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3-Letter 36" Monogram with Brushed-Edged Technique

3-Letter 36" Monogram with Brushed-Edged Technique

What You'll Need:
                                                  1. 3-letter Monogram, which you can purchase at
                                                  2. Spray Paint of your choice
                                                  3. Black and brown paint 
                                                  4. Bristle Brush

Step 1:
Spray paint your monogram a neutral color.  I chose a light brown.  You could also use a light grey, if your room colors were more in the grey range. You want to make sure that the color you choose to paint your monogram is not too dark though, because when you use the brush technique you will want it to stand out.

Step 2:
Mix black and brown paint to create a dark brown color. (If your monogram color was grey or such, black would work fine)

 Step 3:
Dip the edges of your brush into your mixture of paint and brush up from the edges, following the curves of the monogram.

The results of your brush technique should look somewhat like this. (:

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