Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two-Toned Sanded Monogram Letter

You can purchase your MDF monogram initial by clicking this link, Unfinished Monogram

For this project you will need:
     spray paint
              2. color spray paint (your choice)
              3. sand paper

The 1st step is to spray paint your letter black, I used spray paint for convenience, but you can also hand paint. 

The next step is to spray paint the second coat, this can be done with whatever color you want.  I chose a robin egg blue and you can see I avoided painting it on the sides (it won't matter if you do).  If you stand directly over it while your painting it the sides wont be painted as much.

The next step is sanding. Start out sanding lightly, but you want to get parts of it all the way back to the wood.  You want to do this slowly though, so you don't take off too much paint.  Focus the more sanded parts on the thicker parts of your letter and once you've done that you can scratch your sand paper in different directions to get your desired look.



This project was brought to you by Build-A-Cross Create Team Member, Scarlett Brent!

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